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Did you know that the piano was invented in Italy in 1709? A long time ago and far away, yet here at Doncaster Removals we still manage piano moves on a routine basis. The piano has the widest range of tones of any instrument, which may be why it has so many sensitive pieces to consider while moving it: over 12,000, to be precise! The frame of a piano is usually made of cast iron, which is why it is so heavy. Many people assume that because it is heavy it’s very sturdy too. They couldn’t be more wrong! A piano is a very delicate instrument which is easily damaged, especially during the process of relocation. That’s why we advise that you hire professionals to take care of this job for you. The first pianos were incredibly expensive, so much so that even aristocrats struggled to buy them. Times may have changed, but pianos remain an investment that should be taken seriously. Who wants to spend a fortune on piano repairs after a shoddy removal? Make sure your piano is given due attention while in transit by contacting Doncaster Removals. We know all there is to know about safely moving a piano from one place to another.

Doncaster Piano Removals Service

We don’t want to scare you, but there is a lot than can go wrong while moving a piano. There’s the obvious damage to walls and furniture, before you even consider the multiple ways the piano itself can come into harm’s way. For example, did you know that temperature is an important factor in storing a piano? We do! That’s why we take these little details into consideration before we plan a piano move. We know that a piano is a cherished possession and we take the responsibility of moving it very seriously. Having moved pianos for decades now, we know every trick in the trade when it comes to negotiating spaces while lifting these heavy and awkward instruments. We can handle tight corners and flights of stairs. Whether you’re moving your piano long distance or just down the street, it requires the same careful attention. Don’t take risks when it comes to something as valuable as a piano! We have moved all kinds of pianos in our time, from baby grands to upright consoles. Don’t hesitate to contact us regardless of how big your piano is. We will have the manpower and an appropriate vehicle to manage the move. 

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Are you a musician in Doncaster or the surrounding area who requires our services? Feel free to contact us today. A member of our friendly and professional team will talk you through our availability and pricing structure. We’re sure you’ll find our service to be both convenient and affordable. If you take one thing from reading this, we hope that it is this: do not trust amateurs to perform your piano removal! It is far from a straightforward heavy lifting job. It requires the careful attention of a professional team, and we would love to be the team to help you.

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