If you’re a company planning a commercial move, there are two essentials you need to secure: a detailed plan and a great removals service to support you. If you hire Doncaster Removals, we can help you with your plan. We know what we’re doing, after all. We’ve been performing commercial removals for years now, so we know both what to do and what not to do.

If you involve us at the earlier stages, we’re able to help you figure out the tasks that you need to add to your to-do list. We’ll also help you to develop a realistic timescale for the move, complete with deadlines. One important consideration for companies is the level of disruption the move will cause. Businesses want to maintain normal operations as much as they can. Smart planning can facilitate this.

Of course, once the person coordinating the move has a list of tasks and their corresponding deadlines then they need to be delegated to different teams and individuals. You might assume that we’re only able to take on the heavy lifting; however, we actually offer flexibility and we can tailor our services to your company’s needs.


For example, we can pack your items using all our knowledge of the best protective methods to keep them safe. Companies who use this add-on service find it to be a huge time-saver. We can also assemble furniture following your floor plan to set up your new work space. Would you like to walk into your new premises and find them ready for work to resume? If so, you might consider using this service.


We provide support throughout the process, and we ensure that your move stays on schedule. We understand that delays can cause problems for your business, so we avoid this using strategies that maximise our efficiency. The businesses that use our commercial removals services are always operating on a budget. They find that our rates are surprisingly affordable, meaning they can sometimes make an unexpected saving! 


What Makes Commercial Removals Different 

Commercial removals should be handled by experienced removals companies that understand this type of work. You should look for a firm that has specific and extensive experience of handling commercial removals. They are very different from domestic removals. 


Moving a large office, a retail unit, or a restaurant is not the same as moving a house or an apartment. One distinction is that commercial removals are usually bigger jobs.

That means they need more time, more work, more manpower, and more resources. They may also require larger vehicles. Don’t assume that all removals companies are capable of handling large commercial removals. 


Another difference is the environment in which commercial removals take place. Performing a move in a warehouse or a business centre is very different from moving items from a house.

There are different health and safety concerns to bear in mind, for example. In our time working in Doncaster, we’ve handled every kind of removal you can imagine. We know how to navigate diverse workspaces, so we’ll be able to get to work without delay. 


When we deal with commercial removals, we have to move expensive and fragile equipment. House removals may involve appliances, but they rarely involve equipment of this complexity and cost. Our team is trained in handling all kinds of equipment from different industries. We know how to do this safely and effectively.


For convenience, our commercial customers often ask us to set up their work spaces by assembling furniture and following a floor plan. This is skilled work that needs to be completed accurately. That’s why you need a removals company that understands the unique needs of commercial customers. We can complete work to a tight deadline, understanding the business implications of any delays or disruptions during the process. 


Why Do I Choose Doncaster Removals for Commercial Removals 


Choosing the right removals firm can be an intimidating prospect. You probably know the importance of hiring the right company, but you may be overwhelmed by the many options available. In Doncaster, we believe your best choice is our firm: Doncaster Removals. But we have good reason to believe that! Here are some of the reasons you should trust us to handle this for you.

We’re an experienced and efficient company. In fact, we’re efficient because we’re experienced! Years of experience have taught us the best methods of handling commercial removals.

Our approach to customer service is comprehensive. We provide a full customer experience, ensuring that our commercial customers’ needs are met. If this involves adding to or tailoring our service, then that’s no problem.

When you hire us, we take over as much of the move as we can. Your team won’t have to worry about logistics. They can focus on their own jobs, maintaining a “business as normal” approach where possible.


Because of our high levels of customer service, our reputation in Doncaster is excellent. What’s amazing about Doncaster Removals is that we provide affordable services. You can’t beat the value for money that we offer.


Things to keep in mind when hiring a commercial removals company 

Is this your first time hiring a commercial removals company? Here is what you need to know!


  • Your choice of removals service can make or break your whole relocation. With that in mind, you should commit some time to finding the right firm to suit the needs of your company.

  • You can contact multiple companies and request quotes. Removals firms should be happy to provide no-obligation quotations and answer all of your questions.

  • Other questions you might ask include whether the company is able to provide add-on services like furniture assembly and whether the relocation process will be covered by their insurance.

  • Reputation matters. If you have a local network of businesses, ask them what removals services they have used in the past and whether they’d recommend them. Online reviews can also be helpful.

  • It’s important to book your removals service in advance. This shouldn’t be a last minute call. The more organised and prepared you are, the better! That will ensure the success of your company’s relocation.


How much do commercial removals cost?

The cost of your commercial removal will be assessed by your removals firm. They will ask you questions about your job: what needs to be moved? How far does it need to be moved? How quickly does the job need to be done? With that information, they can determine the price of the service. 


How do I make sure my commercial removals are insured?

When you contact removals firms about your commercial relocation, you should ask them about the insurance coverage that they offer. You might consider taking out your own insurance policy to ensure the process is as protected as possible. After all, the relocation will involve handling some of your most valuable business assets. 


What should I keep in mind for safety when hiring a commercial removals company?

Here are three things you can do to ensure that your move is as safe as possible. 


  1. Hire a business that’s reputable, reliable, and responsible. This isn’t the moment to take a gamble on a business you know nothing about. 
  2. Take out insurance or ensure the process is covered by your removals firm.
  3. Pack your items carefully, using protective methods and materials so they can be safely transported. 


Can commercial removals handle a big office removals job?

Some small removals firms might struggle to handle a big office removals jobs. They’re better equipped to handle light removals. However, there are companies that specialise in commercial removals. Doncaster Removals is one of them! Feel free to contact us for all your commercial removals needs, whether the job is big or small.